smoot smart: calling all MIT marathoners

April 5, 2006

Are you a member of the MIT community running (or participating) in this year’s Boston Marathon?

If so, let us hear from you, so MIT can cheer for you!

To members of the greater MIT community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, families, partners, and all – if you are participating in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17, 2006, leave a comment with:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • your affiliation with MIT
  • and your story

On Monday, April 17, 2006, 20,000 people will be running from Hopkinton, Massachusetts to downtown Boston in the 110th annual Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon.

Members of the MIT community have traditionally participated in a variety of ways:

See also:

Good luck with the race!

Triathletes train by the Charles
Triathletes train by the Charles
an MIT administrator pushes her grandchildren during marathon training
An MIT administrator pushes her grandchildren during marathon training
Dan Feldman ran the Boston Marathon in less than two and a half hours in 2002.
Dan Feldman ran the Boston Marathon in less than two and a half hours in 2002
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Calling all MIT marathoners:
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51 Responses to “smoot smart: calling all MIT marathoners”

  1. Amanda Lanza Says:

    The 110th Boston Marathon will be my second 26.2 mile race. This past October I finished the Baystate Marathon in 3:40:08 to qualify for Boston. Growing up outside the city, I have watched this race every year, and it is a dream for me to be running this historic course.

    My race number is 14256, I’d love some cheers from fellow MITers. Patriot’s Day is just an amazing day to be in Boston, so I hope everyone makes it out there!

  2. Arash Mostofi Says:

    I’m a post-doc in DMSE and this will be my first marathon. Only 12 days to go!

  3. This will be my 9th Boston Marathon as a member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team. I am running in memory of my patient-partner, Brittany, who died in 1998 at age 13 from cancer, as well as Mark, the husband of a college friend, who passed away last year after an 11 month battle with Burkett’s lymphoma. I’m also running in honor of Amber, the daughter of my husband’s best friends, who successfully completed treatment for leukemia last year, as well as my mother-in-law, Mary, who recently finished treatment for breast cancer. Please cheer on all 500+ members of the Dana-Farber team who are raising money to support cancer research!

  4. Chris Grossman Says:

    I’m a senior and this will be my 4th Boston Marathon. I never ran more than 1.5 miles before I came to MIT, but when I learned you could run the marathon as a bandit, I started training. Even though I didn’t get amazing times, it’s still one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done at MIT.

  5. Melissa Read Says:

    I’m running the Boston Marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. My goal is to raise $5000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This money will go towards cutting edge cancer research as well as direct patient aid. If you are interested in contributing or curious about the program, check out my website at You can track me on race day my entering my number, 19187, on the website

  6. Bob Hearn Says:

    This will be my second Boston marathon, and my third marathon overall. I qualified for Boston in Victoria, in 2004 – my qualification is still good (3:12).

    Last year Boston got the better of me. I went out too fast for the heat, and cramped up halfway through, eventually finishing in 3:43, more than half an hour slower than my target (3:09).

    This year I’ve trained harder and put in more miles, but I wound up with some achilles tendonitis, so I am going to have to take it easy. I will probably try to requalify, though. I need 3:20 for that.

    I’m #5367 – look for me!

  7. Tor Schoenmeyr Says:

    This will be my first Boston marathon, and my third marathon overall. I qualified in Hyannis only a little over a month ago, at just under 3:04.

    I probably won’t run that fast on the 17th though, considering the short recovery time and the hillier terrain.

    It would be cool if we had some running hat or shirt identifying us as MIT Boston Marathoners… would anyone else be interested in this?

    Tor – MIT username tor_s

  8. Matthew Walker Says:

    I’ve always had a natural gift for long distance running, though I have never developed it. In elementary school I set the school record for the mile in 4th and 5th grade – which I was very proud of. After watching the final stretch on Comm. Ave. last year, I decided to do it in 2006. Finding time for long runs has been a challenge while studying at MIT. I’ll be a bandit.

    -Matthew Walker, Undergraduate – Course 10B

  9. Kathryn Johnson Says:

    This is my fourth marathon, and I am running this year to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

    -Kathryn Johnson, MIT staff

  10. Kristin Schleicher Says:

    This will be my 2nd marathon and my 1st time running Boston. I qualified at the Cape Cod marathon in October (3:25:10), just a few months after moving to the east coast from California.

    -Kristin Schleicher, graduate student, Chemistry

  11. Noah Warner Says:

    This will be my first marathon. I’m running as a registered runner by raising money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I lost my father to lung cancer when I was 18 years old, just two months before I came to MIT as an undergraduate in 1997, so this is a cause that is very important to me personally. My friends, family and colleagues have been incredibly supportive and have allowed me to raise over $5600 to date, and still going! I’m looking forward to Patriot’s Day and hoping that all the training pays off with a really great run.

    -Noah Warner, Graduate Student

  12. Sam Maurer Says:

    During a conversation regarding the care and proper breeding of fingerling potatoes, my friend Mitra suggested that she and I could run the Boston Marathon. It sounded like a joke at the time. 800 miles of training later, I guess my initial impression was erroneous.

    -Sam Maurer, Undergrad ’07

  13. Mitra Lohrasbpour Says:

    I will be running bandit with my suitemate Sam. Read his entry for details πŸ˜›

    -Mitra Lohrasbpour, student

  14. Andrea Jones Says:

    I am running the Boston Marathon for the Boston Medical Center, #22260. I’ve run 3 marathons before (Portland, OR, Bay State, Phoenix, AZ) – but my best time so far is 3:52:36. I doubt I’ll beat that in Boston, but am just glad to be running for a charity to be a part of the excitement! See you all out there!

  15. YiOu Wang Says:

    The Boston Marathon will be my third marathon since last fall. I started running as a freshman almost 3 years ago and last fall I qualified for Boston with a 3:33 at the Cape Cod Marathon. I am so excited to take part in this incredible and historical event! My number is 11,800 and I hope to see many other MIT people out there!

  16. Ruben Carrillo Says:

    I will be running bandit with my suitemate Xoloman (mi dog it`s a xoloescuintle), It`s my first marathon!

  17. Danielle Bryson Says:

    I will be running Boston for the first time this year.I qualified with a 3:22 and hoping to shave a bit off of that. This will be my 5th marathon.

    My Dad is from California and will be running as well. He is 60 and plans to finish sub-3 hours. He is the real reason I am running.

    Good luck to everyone! Let’s hope for good weather . . .

    Danielle Bryson

  18. Edward Steinfeld Says:

    As long as I can keep my aging legs together for another 11 days, I’ll be out there on the 17th for another Boston Marathon. My number this year is 3065. The marathon is such a great celebration of springtime for everybody involved. I just hope we don’t get those summer-like temperatures of the past two years!

  19. Trisha McAndrew Says:

    This will be my first Boston Marathon. I qualified at the Honolulu Marathon this past December and will be trying for a PR at Boston (sub-3:35). This will be my fifth marathon.

    I am stoked to be healthy and able to run this race after all the injuries I had running at MIT. I am looking forward to seeing friends from college who are flying in for the weekend to cheer us all on!

    Good luck everyone!

  20. Valerie Wong Says:

    This is going to be my first marathon ever. Obviously I won’t be running it as an official runner, but that just means I have more freedom as to what costume I’m wearing. My running buddy and I are planning to do a Batman & Robin theme- she’s even going to make a Batman patch to sew on my sports bra!

    I’m so stoked for this marathon. I only started running a little under 2 years ago and the first time I ran, I had to stop after 10 minutes. It was ridiculous. I can’t believe I worked my way up to 26.2 miles. It’s just going to be great πŸ™‚ Everyone good luck!

  21. Yang Su Says:

    I’m running the boston because I figured that since I’m only going to be here for 4 years, I won’t really get another chance.

    This is going to be my first marathon; I’ll be running as a bandit.

  22. Issao ('07) Says:

    I am running, and a few other guys at Sigma Nu are as well, it will be fun.

  23. Elizabeth Cate Says:

    This will be my 3rd Boston Marathon training with L St. Running Club in South Boston. Hoping to beat 3:21, but mostly just want to enjoy the day.

    Good luck MIT runners!

  24. Patrycja Says:

    This is my 10th consecutive Boston Marathon. I am a graduate student now, and I started running them when I was an undergrad. By now, I remember all the landmarks along the path and the Heartbreak hill is actually good to see because after that we are almost in Boston πŸ™‚ Although it does hurt every year and feels so amazing afterwards.

    I love the last mile, especially hearing the MIT and other students cheer! There is nothing like running the last mile at home.

  25. Craig Wildman Says:

    This is my first time running the Boston Marathon, and I hope to break 2:35. I qualified in Philadelphia with a time of 2:46. I ran for MIT track and cross country as an undergraduate. I will be back at MIT for a PhD this summer.

    Craig Wildman ’03

  26. Danny A. Casrtro Says:

    This will be my first full marathon race. My hope is to run a respectable time and enjoy the day. Material Science for life!!

    Danny Castro ’09

  27. George Stephans Says:

    I’m running the marathon to raise money for the community programs at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. They do patient support, education, and lots of other great work. This is my first time training with a team and fundraising and both have added a lot to the overall experience. Contact me if you are interested in making a donation. I ran Boston 10 years ago as a lottery winner and the spectators were amazing. Come out and cheer for us all!

  28. Ian Hoag Says:

    I’m a grad student at MIT and will probably run the Marathon. I’ve been training for adventure races (paddling, mountain biking, treking, orienteering, skiing, snowshowing…) since January, so should be in decent shape for a marathon. Feel free to send me an email if your interested in adventure racing: hoagc(at)

  29. Helana Kadyszewski Says:

    Hey folks,

    Thrilled to check back in on the somewhat young MIT marathoning tradition. Wondering if anything has come of a formal Running Club at MIT and if there are any participants of the first (and last???) IAP Marathoning clinic….2002-2003. Any word on an MIT group registration for the marathon.

    Helana Kadyszewski
    Class of 2003

  30. Bernat Olle Says:

    This will be my first Boston Marathon and my second overall. I qualified in BayState with 3:10 and I am hoping to run a bit faster this time.
    I agree with Tor that it would be totally sweet if we could all run with MIT gear. Singlets would be specially awesome.
    My number is 4740

    Bernat Olle, grad student (course 10, 15)

  31. Áron Varga Says:

    I’m a CME student and this will be my 2nd marathon and my 1st time running Boston. I qualified at the Cape Cod marathon in October with 3:08 and I’m aiming for a sub 3h time. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

  32. After running as a bandit last year, I’m running the Boston Marathon this year on behalf of the AIDS Action Committee. I’ve loved watching the marathon in the past, so it’s great to finally be an official part of the whole experience. Come out and cheer for me – I’ll be the really slow runner waaaaaay in the back =^)

    Class of 2002

  33. Ryan Pester Says:

    First Marathon…running as a bandit πŸ™‚

    -Ryan Pester, Student

  34. Kyle Vogt Says:

    Second time running Boston.

  35. Fran Miles Says:

    Our daughter, Stephanie Miles, is running her second Boston Marathon with high hopes. She is running to raise money for The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenege Team. All funds go to basic cancer research at DFCC. She has raised $5700 so far. The Boston Marathon has special meaning to her, as a native Bostonian and Boston College grad she loves running this race. Her favorite part of the race is at the top of heartbreak hill where the BC fans start, all wearing their Boston College Superfan shirts. The Miles Crew and all her friends will be lined up at several spots along the course to cheer her on and even run parts of the race with her. As always, a big loving hug for our runner Steph Miles, at the finish line ! GO Dana Farber Marathon Challenge Team!!

  36. Brian Loux Says:

    We dedicate this fourth bandit running of the Boston Marathon to the great Eddie Guerrero.

  37. Jamal Says:

    This is my first Marathon. I had said I’ll run Boston at least once before I graduate and never did. Now I’m a senior and it has to be done, i’m pumped and ready to go.

    In addition, I’ll be running in support of the recognition of my native land, SOMALILAND. if curious, checkout the link.

    Goodluck to all runners, let’s stay hydrated and have a good time.

  38. Jordan Wirfs-Brock Says:

    I’m a senior at MIT and this will be my third marathon and my second Boston. I ran last year, after qualifying in Portland October 2004. Last year at Boston I had strep throat (though I didn’t find out until after I finished) and I don’t recommend that experience to anyone. This year I’m hoping to be healthy and have a lot of fun, although, as always, a PR would be nice. If all goes well I’m shooting for a 3:30.

    Good luck to all the other runners. So far the weather report looks good…

  39. George Stephans Says:

    An addition to my previous entry: Look for me in a blue Team Brigham singlet and bright yellow shorts wearing number 22377. The louder you yell, the faster I’ll run (if I can)! If you want to help out Brigham&Women’s community support programs contact me gsfs(at)
    – George Stephans Research Staff and Physics Lecturer

  40. Carlos Paniagua Says:

    Greetings everyone!

    I am not part of the MIT community (hopefully will), yet my best wishes to all MIT participants at Boston Marathon.


  41. Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner Says:

    This will be my seventh Boston Marathon, but not running; I volunteer providing radio communication at First Aid stations. Wave as you pass F24, I hope that you have no need to stop for their services.

  42. Robert Panas Says:

    This will be my second Boston marathon (i’m trying to do them every year for the rest of my life). Unfortunately, last year i got strep and noticed it in time to not die out on the roads. I’ll be running bandit, as always, and am hoping to come in around 3 to 3:30 as last time i got 3:32. Good luck to the rest of you, see you at the starting line!

  43. antonella alunni Says:

    i’ll be running my first boston marathon as a bandit runner. i’m a senior who’s wanted to do this since freshman year, so i’m glad things have worked out such that i’ll be running on monday. my training buddy and i will be running as the caped cruisaders, batman and robin, but without the capes. drag is bad.

    Best of luck to everyone on monday! πŸ˜€

  44. Barry Canton Says:

    My first Boston. Hoping to run 3:10 but who knows what will happen at 20+

    Barry, Grad Student, Course 20

  45. Vamshi Krishna K. Dumpala Says:

    Greetings to everyone!!!

    I am not a part of the Go Tech community(I meant MIT),
    hopefully going to be a part of the greatest community of Campus Hackers very soon. All the Very Best to all the members of the “MEN ET MANUS” community participating in Boston Marathon.

    Lets hope whether is fine.


  46. From Barcelona, Spain to all MIT Participants: BEST WISHES TO ALL! Wish I was here.

  47. Samuel Chow Says:

    I will be running the Boston Marathon as a bandit runner (running the race unregistered) along with my friend, Denise who is running as a registered runner to raise money for the MassGeneral CancerCare for Children.

    Sam (SDM/TPP Grad student)

  48. Dan Says:

    3rd marathon

    -Dan, undergrad

  49. Bernat Olle Says:

    I decided to run Boston when I saw the race last year. No other city shows so much appreciation for the athletes. I qualified in the Baystate marathon with 3:10 and I am hoping to run a bit faster this time. My number is 4740.

    -Bernat Olle, PhD candidate course X

  50. Rob Gens Says:

    1st Marathon, bandit. Finished!!!!

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